Once where there was just green, now there is colour

After the Spring flowers finished, I was slowly beginning to panic that nothing else was going to flower.  Every time I looked at the garden there was a mass of green.  I love green, and there were many shades from light to dark, but an English Country Garden needs flowers.   All of a sudden it has happened, the garden, whilst not a riot of colour, now has a gentle coloured hue that is more than just green.

Firstly the Johnsons, Plantsman’s Sweet Peas – Cupani – are flowering in abundance.  I can’t cut them quick enough.  I have not grown this variety before and they are supposed to have an amazing scent.  I was hoping for that “blow you away” sweet pea perfume, but instead it is a delicate scent that you have to breath in deeply to appreciate.

Then there is the Gerbera.  This plant is now 5 yeas old and  has not flowered as prolifically as previous years, but it still produces wonderfully bright red flowers bordering on being orange.

Another flower I grew from seed this year is Larkspur.  They were only cheap seeds from Wilkinsons in a selection packet so I didn’t know what colour they would turn out to be.  Some unfortunately died, but what is left have flowered into an eye watering violet/blue.

Further down the garden, the Phlox is in full flower and next to them are the blue Agapanthus.

I also grew Johnsons Cornflower called Double Black from seed.  They look really good against the pink Cosmos.

I have a slim line water butt just outside my kitchen door, it is a not very aesthetic looking green, so a few years ago I decided to camouflage it.  I put a Passion Flower in a pot next to it, and trained it over and around the butt.  As I was coming back into the house after taking pics of the flowers in the garden, I suddenly noticed tucked in the far corner it has started to flower.  I am sure they were not this colour last year but I think it is a fabulous blue.

The Roses are still in full bloom, as are the Nasturtiums, Fuchsia and Montbretia.

Isn’t Summer colour wonderful!

This post is also my contribution to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day which is hosted by May Dreams.



  1. Yes the sweet pea blooms arrive like the cavalry coming over the hill just when so many flowers are fading. Yours are lovely and I envy the color mix in that mine came almost all red. Passionflowers always make me cock my head and look at them just like the dog does when he hears an odd sound– such unusual blooms. They recall to me the workings under the face of a clock. I love that yours has changed color– Just when we think we know what to expect next…


    • Thank you for your lovely comments, I look at the passion flowers every time I go into the kitchen. The flowers are so intricate and deserve to have lots of pics taken from different angles – a definate candidate for Wordless Wednesday!


  2. That larkspur is a delightful colour Ronnie. Surprised by your comments about the lack of scent from your ‘Cupani’ sweet peas. I have grown the similar ‘Matucana’ for years and has a most delicious powerful scent.


    • Hi Anna. I am really disappointed in the very subtle perfume of the Cupani sweet peas. They were supposed to be very powerful. Puzzled as to why that is and would be interested if anyone had any answers.


    • I grow mine in a pot and they seem really resilient. Every year it dies back to nothing and I think that’s the end but without fail it comes back again. Could you grow one in a pot?


  3. A friend of mine just gave me some passion flower. Yours is lovely…I am looking forward to seeing how it trains over an arbor. I also like your fuchsia…so full of blooms! Happy GBBD!


    • If it is anything like my Passion Flower it will be rampant, throwing out branches everywhere. I looked at mine again this evening and there are a lot of flowers just waiting to come out – Ronnie


  4. Lots of lovely colour. I have some larkspurs from a mixed pack of seed just budding up now – hope they are as vibrant in colour as your lovely blue.


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