12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Agapanthus”

  1. I just clicked on this because I never knew what an Agapanthus was although I’ve heard it said many times. I love that this bud is your favourite! It’s amazing. You give me courage to take snapshots, however amateur, of the blossoms all around our desert this year. It seems like every century plant, every Joshua Tree, every cactus burst wildly into bloom this year. Very delightful for the desert. Thank you for your amazing sharing. It’s water in a thirsty desert (hee hee).

  2. My favourite plant too. I am so jealous. Not one of mine are showing any signs of a flower appearing yet. (The ones in the garden all got damaged in the winter, but the leaves are growing back so I suspect these won’t flower). I was hoping that my two in containers which were undercover would as they didn’t lose their leaves…..but no sign of anything ;-( I will have to get my agapanthus fix by looking at yours.

  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. This is my most favourite plant. It is a tight bud for so long with so much promise then is very slowly bursts into a wonder flower. Beautiful in all stages

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