Hope Grows Day – 5/6/11

Wow,  June has arrived, we are almost half way through the year, where has the time gone?!  The 5th of June also brings us to Hope Grows Day.   Hani at  Sweet Bean Gardening hosts Hope Grows Day which is a meme on the 5th of each month for us to show to others what we are hoping for in the month ahead.

I have just three hopes in my garden for June.

Some of you will remember this photo of newly germinated sweet peas shown in my February 2011 End of Month View.

Sweet Pea seedlings Feb 2011

These sweet peas are Cupani a beautifully scented maroon and purple flower, ideal for cutting.  They look like this now.

Cupani sweet pea first flowers

So my first hope is that I will have an abundance of sweet peas in June.

I am envious of those of you who are, already, eating wonderful ripe strawberries from your garden.  My second hope for June is that the meagre number of strawberries I have this year will ripen soon.

Just a hint of strawberry pink - if you look hard.

Lastly, my third hope is that the Agapanthus will flower during June.  I fell in love with this plant years ago when I first went to Guernsey.  Over there they are big chunky plants with enormous flowerheads.  The ones I have, white and blue, are much smaller but still wonderful when in full flower.  

Lily Beetle alert!  I found one on the Agapanthus the other day so I am on beetle watch at the moment.

Agapanthus in bud

Thinking about it, I do have a fourth hope…  the white Agapanthus, which is in a pot, I thought I had lost this winter and was delighted when I found new leaves appearing.  There are, however, no buds to be seen.  😦

So….. my biggest hope for June is that it will flower.

In the meantime, I will share with you of what it looks like when in flower.



  1. Hopefully they’ll be enough. Have been picking them regularly to make sure they keep coming. Apparently the key is not to let them go to flower.

    The one strange thing is all of a sudden the stems have started growing very short. Might be the lack of water I suppose.


  2. Hey Ronnie,

    Really hope you get some strawbs soon, they are such a luxury. Well worth the wait.

    First time I’ve grown sweet peas this year, I love them. Will definitely grow next year.

    Keep up the great blog.


  3. I hope you get your wishes! I’m jealous–I don’t even have Strawberries planted. So yours look very tasty, indeed. I’m hoping I’ll get some from my CSA farm this month. Nothing like fresh Strawberries!


  4. I love agapanthus! But have not tried them at all yet.

    I do have three foxtail lilies that I was hoping would thrive on the hot side of my house, but there is only one with a flower spike. Hoping it will make a bloom sometime this month.

    Thank you for your visit to WMG & your nice comment also. Glad to visit your blog! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures til your big b-day 🙂



    • Thank you for your lovely comments. I am glad to have another fan for my blog. I am reading yours avidly. Try agapanthus, they love hot climates and will serve you well with lovely blooms.


  5. My agapanthus has leaves, no buds. I’m afraid to look back to see when it bloomed last year. If mine should bloom they are blue, and dark blue. I hope we both get blossoms.

    You asked about okra. Two months from seed to bloom, then 4 days to fruit. The catch is, the weather has to be hot enough to plant cotton to successfully grow it. That means if your June temps are 55-60 degrees at night it’s warm enough to plant, and harvest by the end of August if it is still hot then. Once it grows pods, you can harvest daily.


    • No where near enough to grow Okra here, sad, a fascinating looking plant. I am hoping that my white Agapanthus is just going to be a little later this year, and perhaps thats the same with yours – fingers crossed.


  6. Happy Hope Grows Day!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your sweet peas…sweet peas are my other Nemesis Plant. Your last photo of the agapanthus is jaw dropping! Love it!


    • Thank you Hanni. This is the first year I have grown sweet peas from seed myself, usually I am given seedling raised by a friend. I feel quite proud but the proof of success will be in the flowers. I will take lots of photos to be sure!


  7. Oh, I should have hoped for rain, too. Love agapanthus, but mine didn’t make it through our winter, either. Hope you get lots of strawberries and peas.


  8. I love agapanthus! I tried growing it in a pot once…no luck. I may try again after seeing your lovely plants…beautiful! Best wishes that all your hopes come to fruition! Happy Hope Grows Day!


  9. Thank you Donna. Interesting that the Agapanthus is an annual for you, why is that? Grown from a bulb here, fortunately, they are happy growing every year in the South.


  10. Agapanthus is an annual for me so I only get to see it in pictures….you have wonderful hopes which sustain us each month as we garden..


  11. I hope your Agapanthus flowers soon! I have lots of them in my garden and of course they are not in flowere now (being winter here in South Africa) so I hope to see them flowering on your blog!! Do you get snails and slugs on yours? Thats the only problem I ever have with mine. They grow so easily here.


    • I may be speaking too soon, but to date I have not had trouble with slugs and snail on the agapanthus, it could be they are too busy eating everything else! This is the first year I found Lily Beetle on them, which is worrying.


  12. Hoping for things and ‘seeing’ them before they actually happen is very much what every gardener does I think. Because April and May have been so unseasonable hot this year many plants have already had their day and I’m already eating strawberries and raspberries so I’m hoping for rain! Christina


    • We need rain in my little corner of England. Other parts of the country are having rain, why not Sussex?! It is so dry the soil is rock hard and almost impossible to work now. Enjoy your berries. 🙂


  13. Oh I like this idea! I spend most of my gardening time ‘hoping’ for things to happen so I shall now think more specifically about this. One that springs to mind immediately though is hoping for more time to get into the garden!


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