Hope Grows Day – May 2011

Whoops!  I am a day late, but as they say better late than never.  Sweet Bean Gardening has a monthly meme for us to show what we are looking forward to in our gardens in the following month.  Last month I spoke about my little bean seeds and was amazed as to how quickly they were growing.  Well they look like this now.  I still cover them with the plastic raised bed cover at night, so effectively they are living in a semi-greenhouse environment.  The plants in the front are Pak Choi.

In the UK we have had one of the driest Springs on record.  We gardeners are panting, like our precious plants for a decent downpour.  We have had the occasional overnight short sharp shower but not anything enough to really soak the soil.  On Thursday, I woke in the morning to RAIN!!  It was so exciting, I ran out in my dressing gown, with my camera of course, to take photos of raindrops on the plants.  Afterwards I had a sobering thought of countries such as Ethiopia and the dread drought they are suffering.  At least when we go for three weeks without rain, we can water our plants using water from our taps.  It puts it all in perspective, but nevertheless, we are all hoping for more rain very soon.

Lastly, before I leave you,  I would like to share the future with you and the excitement of  full colour arriving in the garden.  Spring flowers are more or less over and the yellows and blues of daffodils, bluebells and forget-me-nots are fading.  Now my garden is entering  its purple and pink phase with Allium,  chives, Astrantia,  Aquilegia and the delicate pink hardy geranium (Crane’s Bill).





Hardy Geranium - the first of many over the Summer

I hope you have enjoyed this little look into my Hope Grows contribution for May and I hope that you visit regularly to see how my garden is moving into its Summer glory.

17 thoughts on “Hope Grows Day – May 2011

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  4. Your veg looks very healthy, even without rain. My dwarf beans are jsut that this year – I do hope they grow and give me some beans soon. It always makes me smile a quiet smile when I hear about UK droughts; here in Lazio it doesn’t rain for at least 3 months in summer with tempertures in the high 30’s; this year I think the drought may even be longer and we’ve had very little rain since Christmas!


    • Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The one benefit you have over our weather is that if you know it isn’t going to raing for three months you can plan outdoor parties. In the UK even with a ‘drought’ at the moment, the skies can always open at any time – the weather forecast is invariably hit and miss. I think we are going to have to look to more drought resitant plants here. R


  5. It certainly looks like a case of Jack and the beanstalk Ronnie – you will be tucking into them soon. It has been good to see much welcome rain but as you say we don’t know how lucky we are!


  6. Lovely hope for May flowers…your next phase looks like mine and I have the same hopes for these beautiful flowers soon to show…glad you finally had some rain…


    • Funny how colours are in a garden. Whilst not consciously, there is a colour scheme which changes throughout the year. I noticed last year that there was a lot of pink in the summer, ranging from the pale geraniums to hot pink gerberas. Is this by accident or natures design I ask myself!


  7. Your beans are clearly very happy! I am still debating with myself when I think it might be safe to plant some outside, up at the allotment. A bit far to go in my pyjamas with fleece if we have a sudden cold snap…


    • I often wish I had an allotment but it does have its merits being the owner of a small garden. It is only a hop skip and a jump to get to anything. Finger crossed it doesn’t get too cold. R


  8. Thank you Frances – everything feels as though it is getting out of hand. I am going to have to do some cutting back which is really early. Hope I can get my pot of gold soon! You have a good weekend too. R


  9. wow what a difference 700+ miles south makes, my astrania and alliums are not even in bud and only the big pink chives have buds, looks like you will be climbing your beans for that pot of gold soon🙂 your cover sounds like a good investment and just the thing for here, have a great weekend, Frances


  10. Wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing your pink/purple phase! Isn’t it amazing how quickly beans seem to grow? I remember one year very carefully only planting a certain number of seeds…twice that many seemed to come up. Thanks for playing along!🙂


    • They certainly have grown Hanni. Like sweet peas I put two little plants by each suport but in hindsight should have only put one. Gardening is a learning curve, now matter how much you think you know.


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