Lilac time

The warmth of the sun brings out the fragrance of flowers and shrubs.  This was certainly true this afternoon, when the heady aroma of the lilac in the front garden wafted in the air.   If  I could share this with you I would, but instead I will just share the photos and, sadly, you will have to imagine the perfume.

The warm Spring has brought on the early flowering of this wonderful shrub.  A cooler Spring delays the blooms and sometimes we have to wait until May.


On the back page of the May 2011 edition of Gardens Illustrated, there is an article about Lilacs written by Frank Ronan.  He says: “Nowadays you hardly see a lilac lilac…”   which is another reason why I thought to share it with you.  I inherited my lilac Syringa vulgaris, 10 years ago when I bought  this house, so I don’t know how old it is, but it is very well established.

Some advise no pruning as the lilac flowers on old wood and it is more abundant if left alone, others say that it requires an annual prune.  In view of the fact that I left it alone last year, I think I may be in the don’t prune camp because it has certainly flowered in abundance this year.  However, I will prune it carefully this year, immediately after flowering, taking out old and dead wood.  Hopefully in Spring 2012 it bloom again in magnificent glory.