Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……

“Dont’ Worry, Be Happy”  Click here to listen to this song while you read this post

I am a worrier!  It is getting worse as I get older.  I could win prizes for worry.  It is completely counter-productive and irrational.   Life experiences should have taught me by now that worry gets you nowhere.  Surely I should have learned that things have a habit of sorting themselves out, eventually, even if it is not always the way I expected.

Aaargh! Greenfly on my rose buds.

I worry about things that are usually totally out of my control as well as things that can, with a little bit of time and effort, be easily solved.  Like the greenfly on my roses.  All I need to do is get some soapy water and spray them – simple.  Why do I worry about greenfly?  I have no idea!

For Hostas read slug banquet

I fret about my hostas  – are they are ever going to make it to adulthood?  The solution is slug pellets, but I worry about using them as I feel I should be completely organic and use other barrier methods but maybe they won’t be effective.    Three worries in one hit.   No real sensible reason to worry is there?  But I do!

My poor old shabby shed

Procrastination: putting off important tasks to a later time, is  also a failing of mine.   Not repairing my shed is a prime example and now I am worrying that is it falling apart and beyond repair.  Self-inflicted worry.

If there is nothing to worry about, you can be sure I will find something.

What am I worried about now?

My little raised bed allotment

I am going away on holiday.  Although I have a dear and trusted friend and neighbour coming  to water mid-week, it won’t stop me fretting about my seedlings, buds and cuttings.

What if there is a heavy sudden frost?  Maybe it will be so  hot, everything will wilt.   What if the slugs and snails devour them when my back is turned?  What if the foxes have another party in my absence, like they did over New Year?  On and on it goes.  See, I will find anything and everything to worry about.

I have just read an article about anxiety, worry and relaxing the mind.  It tells me: “The past is over, the future is not yet here.  Be present in whatever you do.”  I really should try to put this into practice, it makes good sense.

Worry really is a pointless exercise, I know that.   I need to tell myself that no matter what happens, my garden will still be here when I get back, and regardless of the weather, the slugs or the foxes, nature always recovers.

It’s never too late to change and maybe this is the very thing I should try to change on my journey to towards being 60 – Don’t worry, be happy.

12 thoughts on “Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere

  1. Maybe think of it as being concerned instead of worried. A person in tune with what is going on around them is concerned, that’s all. Gardening is always concerning, but I think we must like it or we would do something more predictable or controllable.


  2. Have a great holiday Ronnie.

    Know what you mean about worry. I’m generally pretty laid back, but the allotment is always concerning me. I’m off on a fortnight’s honeymoon in June, but yep, you guessed it: I’m already worrying about the state it’ll be in when I get back.

    And as for trusting someone enough to water it properly, don’t even get me started!



  3. They all seem pretty sensible worries to me.

    So – don’t worry about worrying! (How’s that?)

    I like the song (a lot) but in real life . . . you worry? (Never mind!) Be happy!



  4. Yep, it all sounds familiar – Hang a fat ball near your roses, or small bird feeder, then the blue tits can eat your aphids while they wait for the feeder.
    Use organic slug pellets before the hostas come up, then gravel, or egg shells after the leaves are big – and accept they will be lace by the summer.

    I am sure decay and tumbling buildings is very “on trend” and your neighbour will look after your plants “Well enough” Have a lovely break

    PS – I am going away next week – you should see the length of the list I left for Shedman 😉


  5. Oh dear! I hope you have a really lovely holiday Ronnie, and I’m sure your garden will be full of wonderful surprises when you get back – and hopefully very few nasty ones. If it is any comfort (a) I was awake in the early hours worrying about whether I should cover my lovely new potato growth with fleece and (b) I have a terrible infestation of greenfly in the greenhouse – and planthouse – and am about to spray. Lots.


  6. Such very wise words there Ronnie.
    The things that I worry about will come back to bother me though! Ah well what else could I possibly do with my time……………………………..????????


  7. You seem to have all the answers to your worries and yet you still worry….it sounds so familiar.
    I live with a rabbit warren in the garden. We have lived alongside each other for ten years. I am now a natural gardener. I let nature take its course, and I have never been happier. Yes there are problems, but I have learn to accept them and move on.

    If you have blue tits they will deal with your aphids…..leave them and look again in a few weeks. Also ladybirds and lacewings will help.

    Have a lovely holiday….all will be well I am sure. Happy gardening.


  8. Now why does some of this sound so familiar Ronnie especially the what may happen to plants when you are on holiday:) I was away last weekend and was on edge about leaving the greenhouse untended for two days ~ I must have run out of scenarios as to what might happen but nothing did. When you have learned the solution please, please pass it on. Meanwhile be sure to have a great and well deserved holiday!


    1. Thank you Anna. I will try to put them all out of my mind from tomorrow. I am off for a spa weekend, back for a quick turnaround on Sunday (watering etc) and then off for 5 days to Guernsey. I will take lots of lovely photos so watch out for the next post! I am really looking forward to the rest.


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