My mobile phone camera takes great close-ups

The more photographs I take, the more self-critical I become and eager to take better photos.

I still can’t get to grips with the macro on my camera.   Recently I gave out a plea for advice and bloggers have kindly given sound advice, which I have taken on board.  I focus on my subject, the little image square changes from red to yellow.  Perfect, I think!  I snap away, eagerly download them and then suffer disappointment.  The majority of the close ups are out of focus, such a shame, buds, seedlings, and new shoots lend themselves for brilliant photographs.  Spring is a fantastic time to capture all of these.

I have pondered on this for a while now and spent a lot of time Googling articles such as “How to make the most of your digital camera” to name but a few.  The more I try to take a good photo, the worse they seem to be, or perhaps I am being too critical.   So the conclusion is : (a) don’t try too hard, and (b) take an ordinary photo and then photo fix it when it is downloaded.

This morning, I went into the garden with my camera, only to notice the battery had run down.   So, I took my new mobile phone instead.  I am still working out how to use this all singing and dancing Android touch phone, so practice and snap away was the best way to learn

First of all these are my little pea shoots.   These are in a large pot just outside my kitchen door, against a south facing wall and is my own little micro-climate.  Last year, I grew mange tout, chives, chillies and oregano in this pot.  The chives and oregano made it through the winter and the chillies will go in later.

Next to the vegetable pots there is the potato sack.  My Duke of York first earlies went in a few weeks ago and two of them have sprouted already.

Then I went to the bottom of my garden.  The right hand corner is my little woodland area, with a variety of ferns.  Aren’t these just great?  I love the way they uncurl.

Tucked away under some shrubs, I found the naturalised primroses.  They seem like shy little girls, I love them.  They are great in pots strategically placed, as a reminder that Spring is here, but growing like this is how they should be found.

The Muscari are in a blaze of colour at the moment.  I always forget what a wonderful blue they are, but I am sure this year they are more vibrant than ever.

Imagine my delight when I downloaded them.  Close-ups, hoorah!  They were clear and in focus.  Success!!    I am still going to put a photography course on my birthday list but in the meantime I will use my mobile phone for close up shots.

5 thoughts on “My mobile phone camera takes great close-ups

  1. DD, Donna, Janet and Jennifer : thank you all for your kind comments re the photos. The mobile phone is a HTC Desire. The review on the camera part was not a brilliant one, which I am surprised at now, in light of what it has produced. Carry on clicking!!


  2. And the makers of Android mobile phones should be rewarding you for advertising the amazing clear shots that can be taken with the phone!
    I love Spring.


  3. Glad you found something that works for you! I suspect it is a steady hand issue more than a camera settings issue too, I’m lousy at taking the time to grab my tripod, but it makes a huge difference to how clear the shots are. But hey, if you can get great shots using your phone, why bother! My phone is ancient or I’d try it too…


  4. Your phone does take good shots. I never got them that good from my iPhone. I see why you were pleased.


  5. Fantastic photos! What’s the phone? I love taking Macro photos. I have a Nikon D40 (digital SLR) and I have an older style macro lens for it. It means I have to manually focus as it’s not compatible with my cameras autofocus. I don’t find focusing it a probem, what is a problem though is holding the camera steady whilst I press the shutter. I often use my gorrilla pod instead and a remote control. Bit of a clart on but gets results. Perhaps that’s why your photos are fuzy on your other camera? The phone’s great though and obviously ,much easier to keep steady. Happy snapping!


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