Spring is bursting out all over – Part 2

It all happens so fast in the Spring, especially when we have glorious warm sunny days like the ones we are experiencing at the moment.  I do so hope that we don’t get a horrid cold snap what sends shivers down our beautiful precious little plants.  In the meantime, I am swiftly adding a Part 2 to my post to capture what has occurred within 24 hours of taking the photos in Part 1.

The Choysia is beginning to burst into flower.

The Elizabeth Montana Clematis is baking on the shed roof, loving it and blooming prolifically. I wish you could share the perfume, it is heavenly.

4 thoughts on “Spring is bursting out all over – Part 2

  1. Wonderful blog! i discovered this blog through blotanical and I’m very much enjoying reading about your garden adventures. The bulbs in my garden are springing forth, with the glorious weather, we’ve had over the last few days, and it worries me too that the sunchine has lulled them into a false sense of security. Let’s hope when the frost comes again it won’t cause too much damage.


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