Hope Grows Day – 5 April 2011

The time has come around again for Hope Grows Day hosted by Sweet Bean Gardening

We all know the story of Jack and The Beanstalk with his magical beans that grew overnight into a beanstalk up into the sky.  Well I am wondering if my beans are magical.

No, not really, but their speed of growth is phenomenal.

I took this photograph on Sunday morning 3rd April:-

French Beans - Cobra. Pushing their little heads through 3/4/2011

Photo taken Monday evening 4th April and they look like this:-

French beans - Cobra. Incredible growth 4/4/2011

Now, if they continue to grow at this rate, they really will reach the sky.  Whilst the last thing I would want to do is meet a Giant but I could do with finding his treasure and I would certainly run away with it.

So on Hope Grows Day I hope that they don’t grow so high that I can’t find willow sticks long enough for them.

12 thoughts on “Hope Grows Day – 5 April 2011

  1. Blimey ~ that’s some growth Ronnie. I am growing ‘Cobra’ too but mine are in cells in the greenhouse and only sowed them a couple of days ago. It’s a most tender and tasty bean. Would like to sow them direct but worried about the molluscs at the allotment. Can’t nip out with my torch to check on them. Will be interested to see how yours progress.


    1. You should see the ones I started off indoors! I have put copper tape around the raised bed so really hoping the slugs and snails don’t start to munch. There will be trouble head!!


  2. Hee hee…those are some amazing beans, for sure! Glad you are seeing the progression going forward – this morning I got up to find my pansies munched off by deer!


  3. Amazing how quickly everything has suddenly started to grow.

    We’ve had a day of rain here, and now three days of sun and warmth forecast. Can’t wait to see what that does to my seedlings!


    1. Its been so warm here to day Jono, I just hope that the fluctation on temperature doesn’t scare the very tender off and they turn tail and go the other way.


  4. Seeing your photos of the progression of the bean tells why the magical story came about because they do indeed grow incredibly fast! That reminds me I have some transplanting to do!!!

    Good luck if you do meet that Giant – he would be quite easy to trip up I think!


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