17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Forsythia 30/3/2011”

  1. So happy to stumble upon your garden blog, not only because I TOO am facing the big 6 0(!) this SUmmer but because you are a wonderful gardener and it is such a pleasure to view your photos. What I wouldnt give for a wall that you have, rather than the white picket fence I need to keep King Charles spaniel in, and deer (hopefully) out!

  2. I adore Forsythia, beautifully captured too! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog by the way x

    I like your slide show, was it easy to do?

    1. Thank you Karen.

      Slide shows are easy – when you upload photos scroll down to below gallery and you have the choice of a slideshow. I found it by accident but its wicked when you get it right. I have put all my photos on Gardens I have Visited as slide shows.

    1. Thank you. I thought posting the forsythia as a slide show would put a different slant on Wordless Wednesday, also you get to see the plant and the flowers.

  3. I love seeing forsythia in bloom, but I’m not sure I would ever have one in my own garden, the colour is so bright it is hard to combine well with other plants, and the rest of the year it is so non descript. Having said that, love the slideshow and some neighbours have an immaculately trimmed hedge with forsythia in running alongside their garage. Maybe that’s the answer, plant it somewhere it doesn’t have to play well with others and enjoy the shock to the system!

    1. It has proved to be quite a contraversial plant. I thought I was the only one who had mixed feelings about forsythia. Zoe, used the excellent description calling it a marmite plant. I have seen it mixed in with other hedging and that seems to deminish the brightness of the yellow. It continues to grow though so must have it popularity.

  4. lovely,
    to all those saying they see too much Forsythia move to the islands of Scotland, I rarely see Forsythia here and my own rarely flowers, it managed half-dozen this year, I was looking at which wood it flowered on and noticed it was last years growth so while in pruning mode I’m going to cut it right back soon and hope I will get some flowers next year, so a big thank for the photos as it’s the only way I can see Forsythia,

    1. Thank y0u Frances. I suppose if it is difficult to grow, it is not going to be so common. I hope by pruning it back you get some more flowers next year. It is a great heralder of Spring.

  5. Thank you Ronnie – your wordless Wednesday has filled me with delight! You are a thoughtful friend my dear! Glorious yellow forsythia!

  6. They are a sign of Spring, but they do appear everywhere and I am never sure if I like them or not. However, it wouldn’t be Spring without them and I have one in my garden for that very reason. – R

  7. I like forsythias – they are a bit over-used maybe, but they are bright and reliable and I quite enjoy cutting it right back every year, its sort of a ritual that spring flowering is done.

  8. I can never decide whether I love or hate Forsythia. The sight of it at the beginning of spring is heartening, but its such a strong yellow, my eye gets tired of it quickly. a Marmite plant maybe?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly…. hence leaving them out of my Blossom Walk to Work post. But a very good friend posted the comment that she loved Forsythia as it made her think of her childhood so this Wordless Wednesday is especially for her.

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