My three month anniversary roundup

My favourite Spring flower - the Forget me Not Photo taken 27/3/2011

Halfway up the stairs,  Isn’t up, and isn’t down.
It isn’t in the nursery, it isn’t in the town:
And all sorts of funny thoughts
Run round my head:
“It isn’t really anywhere! It’s somewhere else instead!”  – (A A Milne)

I love this little poem (only the second verse is above), although I always associate it with Robin the Frog singing it on Sesame Street (this link will take you to the song) and not Christopher Robin.  It is, however, a pretty good summary of where I am.

On 23 January 2011 I decided to make a foray into the world of Blogging.  I visited the WordPress website, chose a theme, and came up with the title “Hurtling Towards 60”.  The raison d’être was to chart my course in finding out who the real Ronnie is before I hit 60. This blog was 3 months old on 23 March 2011 and there is just over three months to my birthday hence the reference to “halfway”.

Clematis Montana Elizabeth. I love the delicate pink flowers and marvellous perfume Photo taken 27/3/2011 . See my post: "A short tale of a garden shed".

A short tale of  a garden shed

Over the past three months I have come across some wonderful gardening blogs.  Also at this stage, I must mention the great band of gardeners on Twitter.  I have become even more enthusiastic about my garden than before.   Those who know me will ask if that is possible, but it really is.  When I discovered the satisfaction I get from writing something people like to read, I changed the title to “Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond”  because it was a pretty sure bet that I would be continuing after July. Why stop doing something you enjoy just because you are 60?

Sweet little violets, growing in the strangest places. Photo taken 27/3/2011 See my post: "Nature never ceases to surprise"

Nature never ceases to surprise

On my blog’s three month anniversary I had written 39 posts,  had 2,018 visitors and 192 comments left.  I like to think that is a pretty good count.  I have regular visitors, so the blog must be of interest, which is the whole point.   At this stage I would like to give a very big thank you to Patient Gardener who introduced me to Blotanical a collection of garden blogs.  I became a member of this wonderful website which is full of great blogs about gardens from all over the world.  I have also had some posts selected for Garden Grab.

My £1 Poundland stick, really is a raspberry cane.  Photo taken 27/3/2011                See my post:  ” Raspberries and Plasticine”.

Raspberries and Plasticine

Gardeners are also brilliant photographers – some photos are absolutely stunning.  It has given me another string to my bow, not only I am learning to write, in what I hope is an interesting manner, I am also learning how to take good photographs.  Although I am yet to understand why, if I have the macro selected, the photos are often blurred – can I really get too close?  No doubt someone will leave a comment below with this answer.  Gardeners are also an extremely friendly group of people, always more than willing to leave helpful advice on posts, and they give great advice on their own blogs.

A Flowering current.                Photo taken 27/2/2011

In three months, I have not only written about my gardening successes and disasters, but have also shared the terrible plight of my ex-husband’s dementia, and the turmoil of redundancies at work.  In short, it really is sharing my thoughts, my garden and my photographs with you.

Thank you everyone who has dropped by to read my posts and  the messages you leave.  This includes Karen at The Garden Smallholder whose post about raspberries was most helpful,  Janet at Plantaliscious who always manages to boost my confidence and Donna from GardenWalk Garden Talk just to mention a few of you lovely people in the gardeners blogging community.    Please continue to visit, enjoy and feel free to comment.

12 thoughts on “My three month anniversary roundup

  1. Happy Anniversary Ronnie ~ I have enjoyed my visits here. I do hope that your blog continues to prosper and flourish long after that upcoming birthday.


  2. Ronnie,
    Happy half way and a big thank you for the shout out. I just learned something from your blog today. I did not know about Garden Grab and thanks for pointing me that way. Congrats on being selected too. I hope you keep blogging because I have enjoyed coming by. Donna


    1. Donna, I love the Garden Grab website, looking forward to seeing one of your posts in it. Glad you have enjoyed coming by and I hope you keep calling. I visit yours regularly. R


  3. Happy mid-way point but I do hope you carry on past your birthday!! I’m glad you enjoy blogging and I have been some help along the way. I too wonder why I have a blurry photo when I have the macro on!!


  4. Hi Ronnie, Happy Half Way There, and I am so glad you plan to carry on blogging after your birthday. And thank you for the mention – am delighted to have boosted your confidence, that gave me a lovely warm glow to read that.

    Re the macro mode and blurring thing, I think it will be to do with the lens. Each lens has limits as to how close or far away it can focus. My camera manual tells me that my lens can focus on objects between 30cm and infinity when in wide angle and ordinary mode, and on 5cm to infinity in wide angle and macro mode. So if I try to focus on something with the lens set wide and the camera in macro mode that is closer than 5cm, it won’t be able to focus at all. Perhaps this is what is happening to you? If you move the lens a little further away, is the camera able to focus better? Don’t give up. I’ve found blogging – both taking photos for my own blog and seeing other people’s – has really helped me improve my skills, and I see the same happening for you. An unexpected – to me at least – but very welcome side effect!


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