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A lunchtime by the seaside

I am not one of the lucky ones who can spend all day gardening, either through their work or leisure time.  I find that exceedingly frustrating, especially when the days are sunny and warm as they are at the moment.  It is only March still and the weather could very well collapse by the weekend and it has been known to snow at Easter.  We are not out of the cold spells yet.   However, I am lucky enough to live and work on the Sussex Coast.  This means, on lovely days, like yesterday (and hopefully today) I can take a lunchtime walk along the beach.  So nobody feels left out I took some pics yesterday to share with you.  I hope you enjoy them and can hear the waves on the shingle, the seagulls squawking and the warmth of the sun on your faces.

7 thoughts on “A lunchtime by the seaside”

  1. That makes up for a lot, having that to visit in your lunch hour. I sometimes think it is even worse when you work from home – you can see the lovely weather, know that in minutes you could be outside getting down and dirty, but work pins you to the desk. Sometimes I’d rather still be working miles away. Though I am lucky enough to be able to sow seed in my lunch hour…

    1. I would never get any work done if I worked at home, I have enough trouble doing the housework at weekend! The great outdoors calls like a magnet.

  2. Well I chilled out looking at these pics. As you say, perfect weather but the forecast isnot the best. Enjoy whilst it lasts

  3. The seaside looks like a place to go and reflect. It looks so peaceful and inviting. The view does not change that much I guess, so it helps to let the mind wonder in the blues of the sky and water; the horizon in the far off distance. Pretty images making me wish I could sit on that bench for awhile.

    1. Its lovely to be able to sit there at lunchtime, a good break from a busy day. The seascape changes quite dramatically. Sometimes the sea is wonderfully rough and wild and the view changes according to whether the tide is in or out. I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

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