A sunny Spring Monday afternoon at Highdown Gardens, West Sussex

I love taking Friday and Monday off work, it makes a great long weekend, with time to wind down, get jobs done (sometimes) and just chill out, and I will have benefitted from a much needed mini-break.   Today, Monday, has been a beautiful Spring day.  The sky was blue, the sun shone all day and it was warm, the temperature hit a balmy 12º C,  it can’t get much better than that in the middle of March.

The entrance meets you with an array of daffodils and forget-me-nots

This afternoon I visited Highdown Gardens in Worthing.  It was owned by Sir F Stern and Lady Stern, who in 1919, created a garden in a Sussex chalk pit 100 foot above sea level.  The view is fantastic.  Sir Stern filled the garden with plants he collected on his travels around the world.  When he died in 1967 the garden was left to Worthing Borough Council.  Until April, it is only open Monday to Friday, which is a great shame, it is full of wonderful Spring flowers which, if you work all week,  you will miss. 

The garden today was full of a variety of daffodils, wild anemones, pulmonaria, primroses, camelias and hellebores.

Wild anemones
Pretty pale pink primroses

There are so many different paths to take, but I chose to walk through the Rose Garden.  This is full of old-fashioned Roses, underplanted in the summer with hardy Geraniums.

The Rose Garden

As I left the Rose Garden, I passed down to another part of the garden full of Spring bulbs.

Spring Walk

One treasure Highdown Garden contains are the tree peonies.  I love these and have always promised myself that one day I will have one in my garden.

Tree Peony in bud

In the woodland area, there is a bank of Hellebores, ranging in colour from chocolate, to pink, through to green.  As I headed towards them, an elderly couple in front of me were deciding which path to take and I overheard the man say, “I’m not interested in the hellebores, horrible flowers, can’t stand them”.  Each to their own I suppose.

On my way back towards the car park, I passed the camellias, a variety of pinks and a lovely white.  It was good to seen them untinged with the brown discolouration they have when hit by the frost.

If you would like to see more of the garden, it is posted as a slide show on my page called “Gardens I have visited” or   http://wp.me/P1jkAI-fX


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