Nature never ceases to surprise

Just a short Thursday post. Now the evening are getting lighter and I can see to walk around the garden when I get home from work, I took a little inspection preamble around my plot this evening. 

Please tell me other gardeners have little “untidy” spots in their gardens.  You know, the place by the shed where all the broken pots go, with the good intention of dealing with them next time. 

I have two dumping places, not wanting to be greedy.   One is down the side of The Shed where I put all my broken pots and those pots where the plants have died, or the bulbs are spent.    I do always have good intentions of  sorting them out.   It is, however, a case of out of sight and out of mind.  Then something lovely happens.  

During my wander, I thought I would have a little tidy up by The Shed and I came across these little daffodils, blooming happily despite being forgotten and neglected.  It’s as if they are saying, “Forget me if you will, but I won’t forget to bloom”.

The other spot is my greenhouse.  I know that Aquilegia self-seeds everywhere, but this little seed tucked itself into a small gap between the greenhouse and shelving and found its way into a  crack in the paving.  I don’t have the heart to pull it up, it looks so happy there, and like the daffodil, it is a sign of how resilient Nature can be.  How else would evolution happen?

Where is the strangest place you find things growing in your garden?

14 thoughts on “Nature never ceases to surprise

  1. Haha, nice post Ronnie.

    Mine is down the end of our little garden by the shed. Its full of pots and other rubbish. I loosely laid some paving slabs there to try and tidy it up, but they now just dumped on.

    And blow me, I went to the shed this week and somehoe daffs are growing up inbetween the cracks and around the pots. I don’t even know how the bulbs got there!


  2. So refreshing to see I’m not alone. My garden is one huge untidy mess, with rare and occasional neat bits. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plants have a wonderful way of reminding you that they, ultimately, are in charge.


  3. Haha Ronnie, I love this – you make me feel so much better about my two messy spots! I thought they were my ” dirty little secret”, now my secret is out!

    Why do we all seem to have two of them?


    1. Thank you Christine. I am sure you have read all the other comments and now everyone has beared their chests you can no longer feel you have a “dirty little secret” LOL. Good to see most of us have at least 2. R


  4. Two untidy places seems to be the norm! Mine are between the shed and the compost bins, and beside the house. The former gets the spent compost from pots that won’t fit in the compost bins but which will rot down and make decent soil improver. The latter is where pots are stored. I have to admit the untidiness leaks around to outside the greenhouse too, I dump dead or dying pots of plants just outside and only get around to clearing it all up once every week or so. I call it my plant graveyard. Mind you, I currently also have a very untidy area under my pergola, because the trimmings from the birch prunings which I will use as twiggy pea sticks have nowhere else to go just yet… Does that mean I have 3? Oh heck…


    1. Hello Janet, thank you for your lovely interesting comment (as always). I always feel guilty with dump areas, I don’t so much now. The more the merrier, why not have 3??!! R


  5. I also have two untidy areas. One by the garage where the pots are “stored” and the other at the top of the garden where the compost bins are


  6. We constantly get things seeding into the guttering of glasshouses at work. Between us we had about 50 self sown irises out of them last year and I haven’t bought a geranium in years. Will try to get a photo when they start this year! But I love the determination of these plants! xx


    1. Look forward to your photos. Self-seeds are a great way of getting freebie plants and as you say plants are very determinded. Nature conquers all. Ronnie x


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