Nature never ceases to surprise

Just a short Thursday post. Now the evening are getting lighter and I can see to walk around the garden when I get home from work, I took a little inspection preamble around my plot this evening. 

Please tell me other gardeners have little “untidy” spots in their gardens.  You know, the place by the shed where all the broken pots go, with the good intention of dealing with them next time. 

I have two dumping places, not wanting to be greedy.   One is down the side of The Shed where I put all my broken pots and those pots where the plants have died, or the bulbs are spent.    I do always have good intentions of  sorting them out.   It is, however, a case of out of sight and out of mind.  Then something lovely happens.  

During my wander, I thought I would have a little tidy up by The Shed and I came across these little daffodils, blooming happily despite being forgotten and neglected.  It’s as if they are saying, “Forget me if you will, but I won’t forget to bloom”.

The other spot is my greenhouse.  I know that Aquilegia self-seeds everywhere, but this little seed tucked itself into a small gap between the greenhouse and shelving and found its way into a  crack in the paving.  I don’t have the heart to pull it up, it looks so happy there, and like the daffodil, it is a sign of how resilient Nature can be.  How else would evolution happen?

Where is the strangest place you find things growing in your garden?