Being hasty is a bad trait for a gardener

A couple of weeks ago I posted an SOS  because I had wonderful dreams of a new raised bed and when in situ it looked as though it had landed from outer space.  The line from the song Right Said Fred:  “Trouble with Fred is, he’s too hasty.  Never get nowhere if you’re too hasty” resound in my ears.  Unfortunately, I can be my own worst enemy and sometimes  I expect instant results… a very bad trait for a gardener. 

Thank you all you lovely bloggers and tweeters who came up with suggestions as to how I could blend it into the garden.  I have gone with the thyme hedge idea.  There are so many varieties, this time I did take a little time to choose and opted for French Thyme –  6 for £10 in our local garden centre.   Is that a bargain?  I am not too sure.  But it doesn’t end there….

… fretting about the bed becoming a giant cat toilet, not only did I buy the thyme bushes, when it was probably too soon  (I should have waited until the soil was drier before digging a bed around the edge)  I got carried away and bought a fancy raised bed cover – along the lines of a mini-greenhouse.  You don’t have to look too hard to notice my fatal error.   Can you see what I did wrong?

The bed is 1 metre square.  The cover is 1 metre square.  Simples!!

OH NO!   I forgot to take into account that the bed had cross pieces at each corner.   Think, Ronnie, what to do now.  Ah!  Why not anchor it with wire and nails so it won’t blow off and is secure.  Good idea, you might think.  Again, no!   One big major flaw in that idea.   How do I get to work on the veg bed.  I  now have to go through the rigmarole of removing the plastic cover, which is firmly tied to the metal frame, and not just pick up and move the whole thing intact. Wouldn’t that just be too easy?

Perhaps when I grow up I will begin to learn by mistakes, but then again, perhaps not.   See ” [You] Never get nowhere if you’re too hasty“.

7 thoughts on “Being hasty is a bad trait for a gardener

  1. That thyme will soon knit together and soften the edges Ronnie . Yes haste is something which can be detrimental but on the other hand the opposite trait can cause the same effect. You can’t win either way. Now I’m not going to stop singing ‘Charlie and me had another cup of tea, Then we went home’ for the rest of the day 🙂 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!


  2. Personally I think the raised bed has plenty of potential and, like you, I would have rushed into it but hey! we can all be caught out, so do not berate yourself my dear Ronnie! The wise words of more learned gardeners are obviously coming forward to guide your hasty hand to make good! Sadly though the wise words do not come from me. xxxxxx


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