A dedication to the people of Japan

A fellow Blogger posted this dedication today and a photo of a single flower (a camellia in her case).   With her permission I am repeating her words as I couldn’t put it better:

Dedication: To the people of Japan whose many plants grace our own gardens and who have shown us how to create beautiful spaces with a natural and stark simplicity. The quiet dignity and stoicism they have displayed in the face of their country’s utter devastation is an example to us all.

Feel free to do the same.  Thank you Laura at  Patiopatch.

4 thoughts on “A dedication to the people of Japan

  1. The Garden Smallholder March 15, 2011 — 8:25 am

    Beautiful. A childhood friend of mine lives in Japan with his wife and children, luckily he got in touch with me recently so for now at least I know they are all doing OK considering. Their house is a mess from the Earthquake but at least this can be sorted, so many lives lost. So tragic 😦


  2. Yes indeed Laura’s words could not be bettered. Such a devastating event for the people of Japan. Let’s hope that the rest of the world does not quickly forget.


  3. thank you Ronnie – it’s hard to find the words without sounding trite but at the same time we cannot engross ourselves in gardening and ignore world events. I like your choice of rosebud – it is hopeful and optimistic


  4. Also thinking of how ghastly it must be to be resident of Japan at this time.


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