Spring is bursting out all over – Its all too easy to miss the blossom

It’s been a bad week at work,  I am glad that tomorrow is Friday and I can put it behind me.  It  won’t, however, be a good couple of weeks for some of my work colleagues.  One of our offices had the sudden news of unexpected redundancies delivered on Monday – it has left us reeling with shock.  It is such a horrible feeling of helplessness when friends are about to lose their jobs.  Our office went through it last year.  There is never a good time to hear this unwelcome news, we were told on the 4 January 2010, “Happy New Year, and five of you are on notice of redundancy”.  It sends ripples of discontent and uncertainty throughout the troops.  No matter how it is delivered, it comes like the axe that it is.

The blossom tree outside our office

On a lighter note, we didn’t win the Lotto Triple Rollover on Wednesday either, so my plans to walk away from my job without a backwards glance and start a little garden business have gone back on the shelf for a while.

I have posted a photo of the blossom tree just outside our office.  I come in and out several times a day and for days I didn’t notice it.   I was feeling sad for my colleagues and it took me until today to actually see this beautiful tree in full blossom.  

It is easy to lose sight of the positives in life when unpleasant things happen and these are times it is necessary to take stock of the good things that are around us.   It is getting lighter each evening and those of us stuck in an office all day will soon be spending several hours after work pottering in  the garden or our allotments.   Winter officially ends on 17th March and the clocks go forward one hour on the 27th March – Hoorah!!

Spring is about to burst through.  I took a much needed wander around my garden when I got home tonight.  It’s hard to describe the excitement of noticing a previously dormant plant bursting with buds.  Any gardener reading this will know exactly the emotion I am talking about.   It’s a sense of relief that it has made it through the winter, coupled with joy and warmth of seeing new life.

After all these years, Spring still never ceases to amaze me.  Buds appear over night and since Saturday the following has happened:-


the Clematis has sprouted leaves,    


 The roses are full of buds;

 The Pulmonaria is bursting into life; and

 the Forsythia is glowing yellow.  

Now isn’t that magic and surely enough to make you want to smile?  Smiling makes you feel much better about life in general.  Take a walk and notice all the wonderful things that are happening at the moment.  Spring has sprung – well very nearly!

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9 thoughts on “Spring is bursting out all over – Its all too easy to miss the blossom

  1. Difficult days indeed Ronnie. I took voluntary redundancy nearly three years ago when lots of big changes were going on at work. This week nearly half of my former colleagues will be made redundant ~ most of them much younger than me and with dependent children : ( They will be informed by email on Tuesday – goodness knows what the atmosphere will be like that day. I hope that you have managed to put work at the back of your mind this weekend and that you are cherishing the joys of almost spring. Take care.
    P.S. We had a win on the Euro Lottery last night but decided that £6.70p will not change our lives but enough to buy a new plant 🙂


    1. Thank you Anna and congralutations on your Euro Lottery win – don’t spend it all at once will you? We have a syndicate at work (all desperate to get out you see!) and won just over £100 a few weeks ago but as there are 13 or us we ploughed it back in to the next few weeks until the end of April. I was fortunately in the last cull as there was a secondment place for a year in Chichester. I was swept and up and returned to our office rapidly at the end of January and now I see why… it is that office where the latest redundancies have occured. Seems the legal world is far from safe these days. When I am in my garden, work is the furthest from my mind. You take care too.


  2. Every spring becomes more precious. This was the best Daffodil year in a long time.


  3. since we are finally getting a snow melt I can walk the garden and look for those buds…i need the smiles as well…we are having massive layoffs at our schools here in NY and any one of us could be gone…here’s to spring that will officially happen where I live on 3/20 and our clocks spring ahead Sunday..


  4. Nice to see the buds bursting somewhere. Too bad about the coworkers. Business is slow all over, not that that is any consolation. My partner and I were discussing new hires this morning and I advised not to take on too may due to the economy. I said maybe only two, where we have 8 to 10 per year.


  5. I am glad there is blossom to admire and buds to be thrilled by after such a horrid week. You are right, awful to watch friends have to pack their work life away into boxes and leave. The flow of the seasons helps give a little perspective on it I suppose – some things can be relied upon.


    1. Hi Janet, feeling sad and gloomy and then realising I was not noticing the blossom pulled me up somewhat, hence this post. Which reminds me I must read yours, I still can’t get the IT police to release it from their grips. Can’t think what it says for it to be blocked! Maybe the word “plant” is a no go area for IT geeks ha ha!


  6. There is always new life and that is the joy of it!! Sorry for your colleagues and wish them well. Did a case for your lot today. Love the photos. Agree about the clock change; likely to still to be going to work in the dark and coming home likewise!!


    1. Thanks Rich. Just remember that the longest day is 21 June so you may get to and from work in the daylight on that day! Meanwhile don’t miss the blossom.


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