Hope Grows Day : March 2011

I came across a brilliant idea hosted by Sweet Bean Gardening.  Her new meme is about the gardeners sense of anticipation.

Here are the guidelines:

♥   Post a photo of something in your garden you are looking forward to in the next month. It could be a plant you’re hoping to see bloom, a project you’re hoping to do, anything you are hopeful to see/do in your gardens.

♥  Next month (on the 5th), come back and show us:  the results of what you were hoping for, and  what you are looking forward to for the next month.

Okay, I know today is the 8th and I should have posted this on the 5th but I have only just found it and will remember to return on 5 April.   Below is my contribution.   One of the excitements of walking around my garden at the end of Winter and just before Spring is finding little red peony stems poking through the soil, like lipsticks.  Within a couple of weeks the stems have  already reach a good height.


I love the hopeful red peony stems that burst through in the Spring
I love watching the way peonies grow and the waiting for the flower ball to burst open into a wonderful flower.   Mine is a shocking pink single peony with a bright yellow stamen.  

 I can’t remember what it is called, it took 4 years to flower and last year it finally flowered, – only a couple of flowers but I just love it and like every peony it will get better every year.  Definitely well worth the anticipation, don’t you agree?

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7 thoughts on “Hope Grows Day : March 2011

  1. I have sometimes found that in gardening like the rest of life that anticipation can be better than the end product 🙂 What glorious red stems ~ a treat in themselves. What a good idea for a meme. May well join in too.


  2. Even the emerging shoots are exciting. Love the meme, will make a note to join in from April. Look forward to seeing your peony flower – a reward for patience, both seasonal and because they take a while to get going. Lovely antidote to the “instant garden” phenomena.


  3. How exciting! I took the plunge and planted a peony last year, so I am hoping! They are not common here. I didn’t know they had red stems (beautiful!) and took four years to bloom!!! I look forward to seeing yours next month.


    1. Hi there. I think a new peony usually takes 3-4 years to bloom but when they do, wow, its well worth the wait.


  4. Now THAT I love. My peonies haven’t shown any life yet, but oh, do I love them. Seeing those little red beginnings is wonderful! 🙂 And did you redesign some of your blog or am I imagining it? It looks great.


    1. Thank you Hanni, I have played around with my blog, glad you like it! I see so many lovely ones, it is difficult to try and make your own special and different.


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