End of Month View – February 2011

I have always told myself that I should have a Gardener’s Diary.   I could make copious notes of  plantings, mistakes and successes.  I could fill it with reminders of plants to be moved, and various jottings of ideas and plans.  I never did get around to keeping  a diary, but now I have my Blog, so I have no excuse plus the added bonus of photographs – hey, how organised is that?   Thank you to Helen Patient Gardener  who introduced me to the End of Month View … EMOV.  A great way of reflection, seeing my way forward and a reminding myself of what I have achieved in the past month.

I love these little snowdrops. You don't have to look far to find an abundance of photos in February of carpets of snowdrops. These are my little snowdrops and there are more this year than 2010 so they are spreading and I will have my own carpet before long.

EMOV is going to be invaluable.    The February weather in Sussex, as well as the rest of the country, has been less than great.  We have had some lovely sunny days, usually during the working week when I have been stuck in an office.  Why does it do that?  It always seems to rain at the weekend!   A month of wet weekends has meant that I have not managed to do as much as I would have liked.   However,  Spring is certainly beginning to break through, the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses are in bloom and the buds are beginning to burst through on the shrubs and trees.

These little daffodils were the first ones to appear in my garden mid-February. If I remember correctly they are called Tete-a-tete and they do look as though, when their little heads bob in the wind, they are having a little chat with each other.

I started my new veg plot at the beginning of February and it is still a mud patch.  Because of the quality of the soil and it’s solid about a foot deep, I should be double digging, but its clay and when wet is practically unworkable.  My raspberries are still in their temporary home and the garden looks a mess.  I have decided to go for the raised bed solution.  I know it will need more watering, but my vegetables have been in pots in past years and I am used to regular watering.

A reminder of what I have not finished this month, roll on the raised beds!

So, what have I done in February?   My sweetpeas are growing…

… and my potatoes are chitting nicely. 

March will be busy.    Meanwhile pay a visit to all the other garden blogs and see how they are coming along.

7 thoughts on “End of Month View – February 2011

  1. Hello Janet
    Thank you for your kind comments about my sweet peas they are looking rather splendid but pride comes before a fall! I think the white on the loo rolls is from the very hard water we have, it has never caused a problem and I will repot the seedlings into slightly larger pots shortly. They are getting very tall and will need a little ground support I think. Thanks for the info re the raised beds. I have a friend looking for old scaffolding boards and we will then paint them – thats the idea anyway! – Happy Gardening.


  2. Hi Ronnie, so glad you are joining in with EOMV. Raised beds sound the perfect solution – at least you will be able to plant closer together which helps conserve water. Burying pop bottles with the bottoms cut out upside down makes watering them easier too. Your sweet peas look amazing, mine are tardy. Comforting to see you have mouldy stuff on your tubes too, I was worried, but if I get plants as healthy as yours I will be thrilled.


  3. The Garden Smallholder February 28, 2011 — 10:48 pm

    Hi Ronnie! I have raised beds, couldn’t be without them now. I also have heavy clay here, total nightmare but using raised beds sorted that problem out. You have reminded me to sow sweet peas!


  4. Thank you Helen. I have revisited my blog and included a link to The Patient Gardener – after all it was you who introduced me to EMOV.
    Happy gardening and let the mud not stick to your boots….


  5. Glad you have joined in with this meme. Your sweet peas are much further along than mine


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