It’s the little things in life!

I am the first to say that a lot of gardening is trial and error, I am sure no-one will disagree with this.  Even the most experienced gardener will suffer failure.  For some inexplicable reason,  seeds just don’t germinated regardless of the fact that they are ones you have used before and grown in a tried and tested manner.  Plants decide not to flower, when they have flowered prolifically in earlier years and vegetables turn tail and disappear completely.

Last year I grew leeks, from seed.  I was so pleased with myself, I had never grown leeks before.  Pride comes before a fall.  They were very slow to germinate, in fact very slow to do anything actually.  The one thing they did achieve was to survive the winter.  “One” thing is very relevant really because only ONE leek grew.  I pulled it up this morning.

My one leek

Everyone want a laugh at my expense?  Alternatively you could feel a little sadness at my inability to grow a decent sized leek!  This is the true size of my leek.

My mini-leek and a biro!

Not to be deterred, I will try again this year.  I intend to grow  a number of good sized healthy looking leeks – just watch me.  In the meantime, any ideas of where I went wrong and some growing tips please?

12 thoughts on “It’s the little things in life!

  1. Well they say that “Small is beautiful” Ronnie and I think that your lovely little leek is a case in point. Can’t give you any advice ~ my seedling leeks from last year are still sitting outside in their cell tray. They never made it up to the allotment to be planted! Although I have more than you mine are even
    smaller 🙂


  2. Oh no! I hope it was tasty… And yes, we do indeed all have failures. No idea what happened to your leeks, I’ve not – yet- grown any. Best of luck for this year.


  3. Hi Ronnie.

    Chin up, next year is the year!

    If you want to share laughs, I will happily bore you with my tales of pathetic peas and parsnips. In four years of allotmenteering have I been able to harvest a bag of peas.

    And as for my parsnips. Embarrassment.

    But then half the fun and a lot of the satisfaction comes from beating these problems. This year I’m trying parnsips and peas in containers. The peas seemed to germinate better in an experimental late sowing in containers last year, and I’ve come to the conclusion that my ground is too stony for parsnips.

    We live in hope…

    As for the leeks, are you using a dibber when planting? And are you tucking the roots in to the bottom of the hole?




    1. Thank you Jono. I think I failed to tuck in the roots when I transplanted them but better luck this year. As for parsnips… Monty Don has written an article about growing parsnips in the March issue of Gardeners’ World. Good luck with your peas, I grew mange tout in a large pot just outside my kitchen door – not many actually got in through the door though!

      Bye for now, Ronnie


  4. I’ve had a similar experience with my leeks and given up. Although they say ‘size isn’t everything’ it does seem to matter when it comes to leeks!


    1. Hi Gilly – someone suggested I said it was a large spring onion LOL


  5. Thank you – I am a bargain basement gardener and try to grow everything from seeds, cuttings or swaps. Tremendous sense of satisfaction.


  6. At least you got a good one! I never tried from seed, and was not sure I would have.


  7. no idea where you went wrong since I have never been brave enough to grow leeks but I applaud your efforts and agree that we all suffer from trial and error and whatever Mother Nature dishes out…right now she is dishing out another foot of wet snow here…can’t wait to see the garden grow this year and yours long with mine!!


    1. I agree, I can’t wait to see the garden grow, both mine and all the lovely bloggers I am following – exciting times.


  8. I may be wrong but are leeks one of the veg the farmer/gardener needs to earth up around it as it grows encouraging a longer (and dare I say this) thicker leek?
    Have you checked any tips with Garden Centres/farmers/fellow leek growers?
    We have not ventured into the growing of leeks – quite honestly they just would not grow quick enough for my likely because I just love ’em!


    1. Hi Jennifer – its a bit like life really, some you win some you lose. It made me chuckle anyway to see after so many months what wee leek appeared. I will have to read up and with the wonderful world of gardening blogs there is going to be no shortage of advice. xxx


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