My dream of The Garden House

How many of us, know of a house that we would like to live in, if only?  Up to a year ago, I regularly passed one particular house, whilst walking to work.   I coveted it, during my 20 minute walk I dreamed of how I could afford to buy it, and planned what I would do with the garden.  It may be because it was called “The Garden House” that caught my imagination.  It could be that it had a front garden larger than my own back garden and the dream included an enormous back garden, together the added  bonus of being south-facing.  Although I never did know what was at the back. It’s great to dream and plan though, isn’t it?

A view of the Colorado Rockies from your very own balcony

My Aunt, who lives outside Denver, Colorado, fell in love with a house.  Many years ago she put a note through their door, asking that if they ever sold would they gave her first refusal – not that she would refuse.  In fact, I think over what was probably 20 years, she posted several notes through their letter box, just to remind them she was still around and interested.  Finally, she got to live in her dream home.  With the glorious view of the Colorado Rockies in the distance, wouldn’t you pursue the dream?

I fell in love with my home at the first viewing, so much so that I completed the sale  on my house, before I had even exchanged contracts on my new home.  I stored my belongings and lived with a friend until I moved in February 2001.  I shudder now at my bravery.  There are not many large Victorian conversions in which the ground floor flat has the whole back garden, and a good sized one at that. This treasure came complete with Victorian stone walls on all three sides (a haven for snails though).

My south-facing patio in the Summer


 I am also lucky that I have a  south-facing side patio.  According to Wikipedia, a patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically paved – this is exactly what it is.  I eat breakfast out there in the summer, and many a balmy evening I have  entertained with al fresco dinners.  With a micro-climate my Olive tree thrives along with my Oleander.  I have a white border against the wall, with Japanese Anemones, and white Agapanthus. The opposite side is riot of colour with Montbretia, Fuchsias, and Clematis.  There is honeysuckle and a climbling rose tumbling across the wall.


My patio on a wet February day

 This is what my patio looks like at the moment, but I know it won’t be long before I will be having croissants and coffee for breakfast outside at the weekend.   My Olive and Oleander will flower, the colourful border will be loud and blousey and the perfume of the surrounding flowers will be heady in the warm evenings. 

To those of you who follow my posts, can you spot Gary?

What happened to The Garden House?  I have been on secondment for a year and walked passed it for the first time today.  It isn’t there anymore.  It has been demolished, and replaced with workmen and bulldozers.  Sad, because it could have been my dream house.  However, I am very happy with my home and I love my garden, what more could a girl want!


  1. Good for you Ronnie! Did someone try to get to NOT to buy that flat?
    How wrong was he! You have done bloody marvellous things with that wee corner of paradise and it is beautiful.
    I feel sadness for your loss of The Garden House – for there has many buildings with character and charm and most of all the potential to do wonders in the garden that have disappeared until rubble – never to be seen again.

    Keep up the good work!
    Love J xxxxxxxxx


  2. Your patio sounds delightful in summer. I would hate to be without somewhere sunny outside to enjoy a coffee or breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening. Sad about the Garden House. I do the same, fantasise about moving in to various houses I see. The houses are frequently lovely in their own right, but it is always the outside space that seduces me. I was swapping fantasies with my sister-in-law the other day and we were finishing each other’s sentences! But for now, like you, I am content with my lot, and with the adventure of always trying to improve it. Look forward to seeing photos of your patio in sunnier and flowery times!


    • I treasure my outdoor eating area and am lucky enough to have a large enough garden at the back of the house to have vegetables and more flowers. Isn’t having a garden wonderful. – Ronnie


  3. lovely patio…I love mine as well for entertaining and viewing my garden…I planted certain flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to come closer…I also have a pond attached so the birds and frogs can be watched as well..


    • I have just taken all too quick a look at your absolutely beautiful garden. I just love the delphiniums and roses! I will make another visit and dwell a little longer. Thank you for your comment. Ronnie


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