My first daffodil Spring 2011

My first daffodil of Spring 2011 © VJ Tyler 2011
The more I get to grips with blogging and visit other blogs the more I realise what wonderful photographs are posted. 
The clarity never ceases to amaze me, and I can only assume that there are a lot of  people out there with super-duper cameras complete with long lenses and all sorts of  bells and whistles.  My camera is a little Fuji digital.  The macro is not that marvellous, but I am beginning to learn how to focus properly – good photography is a complicated skill.
I can’t afford to get my garden gate fixed, let alone buy a fancy new camera, so I took a look at photo packages for my pc.  Some are almost as expensive as a new camera.  I eventually bought  a cheap and cheerful package calling itself ‘the complete digital photo studio’.   My word… I am usually quite quick picking up how to do things but this should have a “Dummies Guide” to go with it. 
 I will learn the art of photo fixing and whilst not expecting to completely master  the skill of good photography, my intention is to,  eventually,  publish some cracking photos.  Meanwhile this little daffodil in the rain is my first attempt and I am really quite proud of it.
When you have read this, if you have any tips please do leave a comment as any advice will be warmly received.


  1. I understand you’re starting out with a “cheaper” camera. Mine is a very simple canon and that is all I use. If you check out my blog you will see how it is doing. I know that an expensive camera would help, but this one will do. My blog is meant to be a journal and record and not necessarily a photo contest. So I encourage you to be proud of what you are able to do with your present camera.
    It looks great – that daffodil. Wish my daffodils were as far long. Not here in the Midwest. Even more snow yesterday and today. Hope we se you in the future. Jack


    • Thank you Jack. Your point about blogs being a record and not a photo contest is very true. I hope your snow goes soon and you can get out and start the spring/summer gardening. Ronnie


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