The front garden calls

The beautiful Skimmia in the front garden Feb 2011

This morning I had great plans and I was going to start to cross off my “Things to do” list before the ink faded through age.   In order to get my mind sorted as to what to tackle first,  I have learned over the years that it is easier to put things down on paper, and lo and behold it has become a short Saturday morning blog. 

There is a new Blogger/Tweeter on the block called The Cake Shelf and this morning I thought, today was going to be a good day to bake, as it looked so grim outside.  Now the sun is shining the great outdoors is calling.   So how far have I got down my list?

* I have wiped all my skirting boards – this job was not actually on my list but when Daughter #1 complained this morning that her cleaner had not done this, it made me take a second look at mine (I don’t do my skirting boards very often I am not ashamed to say) .

* I have polished my #8 on the front door with Brasso and the door knob and the letter box and the lock – it all looks very sparkling now.

* Then, of course, with shiny bits showing up the front door I washed down it down followed by the surrounds – all this is not on my list either but it just had to be done!  I only found the Brasso because I was looking for something under the sink.  See how things snowball?

The morning is nearly over, I have had my sit down and my mid-morning coffee and I shall head on outside.  Now with a very clean front door, I am going to work on the front garden and tidy that up – the daffodils are coming through and the iris is peeping up to say hello. 

And my list?  Oh well that can wait for another day.



  1. Oh dear! That you cannot buy it and yet you are gardening with it! I think it looks great – happy touches of spring. I can’t see clearly though, what are the little blue flowers? Forget me nots? They look like little blue fireflies.


    • Hi there! Yes they are Forget me nots. I pull them up at the end of every Spring, give them a good shake to scatter the seeds and without fail they appear again the next Spring – massives of them. When they are out this year I will post some photos. It is very frustrating not owning the front garden, as I look out on it from my lounge and walk through it every day, but at least I have control over what it looks like.


  2. How frustrating, they don’t want it, you do, but they won’t let you take it on! I laughed to see how your attempt to work your way through your list went the same way as my efforts in that direction tend to, though I have to admit I very rarely get distracted by anything cleaning-related!


    • Having a well-deserved tea-break. Thank you, but lovely is not always exciting. As I only act as caretaker there is not much I can do and I don’t want to spend lots of money on it, so I fill it with cuttings and cheap bulbs etc. The garden belongs to the upstairs flat but I have looked after it for nearly 10 years. People who live in upstairs flats don’t like gardening it seems. I have tried to buy it but every offer is rejected :-((


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