A short tale of a garden shed

I am what a shed catalogue would call “a mini store cupboard”.  

My owner, She, bought me as a flat-pack 10 years ago, made me all by herself and then proudly christened me “The Shed”.  I am not sure whether She has delusion of grandeur or just wanted to make me feel important but The Shed is what I have been known as ever since.  I am compact, don’t take up much space but its amazing what I can store.

It’s a funny word, shed, did you know that the word “shed” appears to derive from Anglo-Saxon scead (pronounced shay-ud) and Middle English shadde, both meaning “shade”. Hence, from an early date, the word had connotations of shelter and protection.



Soon after I was made, She painted me blue.  I could have been any colour but I am glad she chose blue and not something horrid like purple.  With apologies to all purple sheds, I am sure you are happy being purple.  




A couple of years later She decided that I looked a bit bare and bought a Clematis Montana  Elizabeth.  It is in a very large pot to the side of me and it grew and it grew and much to both her surprise and mine, the pretty pink flowers have a beautiful delicate perfume.  We didn’t know Clematis had a fragrance.  When the sun shines on me, the perfume just wafts around, it really is lovely.  Sometimes She just stands there breathing in deeply.

I am getting a bit old and battered now, my lock is broken and She should have repainted me last year.  My wood is beginning to rot at the bottom of the door and when the Fox Gang had their New Year’s Eve party they broke in and my bottom hinge is now busted.  It was really cold when we had the snow which didn’t do my planks much good, but I kept everything dry as my roof is still ok, probably because the Clematis has been protection.


Recently I have seen my owner looking at catalogues full of lovely new sheds. There are some you can walk in and even stand up straight.  I believe you can have windows in sheds too.  I do hope she doesn’t replace me.  Surely it will be cheaper just to repair me.  I will even put up with being painted purple if it means I can stay.


  1. I adore that clematis; no wonder your Shed does too! Maybe you can find a new shed, and give the old shed a purple makeover…now that would be something. 🙂


  2. Fabulous! I bought – and built – my first shed last Spring. It too is a small storage shed, and is green not blue, but I was so very excited and proud! It is incredibly useful, but I long for enough space for a walk-in-and-work type of shed. One day! Good luck hunting for a new shed.


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