My first new year resolution

 January is almost over but one of my New Year resolutions was to learn how to blog.   This is all a bit chicken and egg because to be able to share things I have to learn how to blog first, now that I have done that back to the beginning of the year.

For some reason, only known to Foxy Fox and his friends and family they have decided to have parties in my garden.  I came back after a being away for the New Year weekend to total devastation in my garden.  Broken pots, soil dragged out across the patio, the shed door open, holes in the lawn and excavations works in the flower beds.  The Foxy gang are clearly at their happiest playing with gardening gloves, tearing them into shreds and chewing balls, as there was a collection of them on the lawn.  Not all mine so others must have had their sheds raided and the goodies brought into my garden – maybe it was a ‘bring your own’ party.

So New Year Resolution #1 is to make my garden less attractive.  Having read copious websites about foxes I feel I am quite au fait with their habits and realise that unless I turn my garden into a fortress I can’t stop them coming in, only deter them from doing so.

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  1. This did make me laugh – sorry! We have had mice over the winter in the garage and they have a weakness for garden gloves as well.


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