Wordless Wednesday – Well Speechless Actually!

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12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Well Speechless Actually!

  1. A familar sight. I spent a good 30 mins going through my plants and binned 2/3rd of the fruit and it was such a bumper crop

    • I read that we are being invaded with Spainish slugs which are very much bigger than ours and they eat our slugs. Maybe that is one reason why we are all seeing so many LARGE slugs. Woodlice are everywhere in my flowerbeds which is horrid!

  2. Hello Ronnie. My husband and I were flabbergasted to say the least when we say this photograph! We have had a lovely crop of strawberries and were blaming the snalis and slugs for the destruction of the ripening berries! We have always regarded woodlice as good to have in the garden – how wrong we were! Even our strawberries in hanging baskets were attacked and we did wonder how slugs could get up there….

  3. What can one do to discourage woodlice from the garden? Do they have any natural predators. ad should we be encouraging them? We are told to leave a bit of mess (including wood) for the wild life. Seems we are over a barrel here – we want to do what’s right for the wild life but we also would love to be able to eat the fruits of our labours!

  4. I can’t say I’ve run into wood lice here in my part of the world. I do remember cooking the first broccoli I ever grew in my garden and being absolutely horrified when I saw a bunch of larvae float to the surface of the cooking water.

    • Yuck that sounds horrid. I picked what I saw as a lovely large ripe strawberry and when I turned it over half of it had been eaten it really out me off eating any of them.

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