Experiments with photo editing

It is raining AGAIN!   I tried 20 minutes outside to pot up the courgettes that are outgrowing their cells and then came in.  My hands were so cold I had to run them under hot water to warm them up.    I feel disappointed that yet another valuable gardening weekend has been curtailed by the cold wet weather.

Having warmed up, I am now sitting in the lounge, listening to The Archers Omnibus and Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 and going through my recent photos to see what I could use to write a Sunday morning post.

Last weekend I was in Guernsey and used my iPad to take a few garden photos, but now they are uploaded onto my pc the quality is poor – those that were not too dark, had a cloudy look about them.   I tied to adjust the lighting using Picassa and they are still not brilliant.    Apart from using a little sharpening and exposure adjustment,  all the other twiddly bits of photo editing I rarely use and don’t know how to use them to their advantage.

This morning I thought, I would have a little play with a couple of the half decent photos and those purists among you may well not approve, however, it is only for a bit of Sunday morning light entertainment.

First, the original photo of Rhododendrons:

Using soft focus and a few other twiddly bits:

Second it the original photo of  Japanese Maples:

Using Lomo-ish editing.


It is fun to play with photos but in truth I still prefer to see pictures of plants and flowers in their true colours, so I can assure you that you are unlikely to see heavily edited photos very often.

This afternoon I am off to visit Vann Gardens, so my next post will be a trip around this lovely interesting garden, probably in the rain – at least there may not be so many people.   Happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Experiments with photo editing

  1. Glad you had fun playing this morning. i also use picasa and then irfanview to reduce the pixels. We live and learn. Hope you get sunshine soon.

  2. You clever girl! Very artistic. Give my love to the Archers. I catch up with them online but its not the same as Sunday afternoon, radio on, tea and an interesting project.

  3. Well done! Very artistic. I follow the Archers on line but its not the same as a rainy day, radio on, cup of tea and interesting project. sounds like a lovely day.

  4. Interesting editing, it’s fun to play around with photos to see what you get. Like you though, I do prefer to see the true colours in my photographs.

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