A Vintage Tea Party When You Are One

My darling Granddaughter was one last week and she had her first birthday party with family and close friends, today, Sunday.

It was a truly vintage tea party, with bone china,  a proper teapot complete with knitted tea cosy (lovingly made by me) and glasses of wine, solely for the adults of course!!  Daughter #1 baked a delicious Victoria sponge, cupcakes, mini scones, and completed with little brown and white sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

I love being a granny.  When your grandchildren are born, suddenly you find there is another person in your life that you feel all consuming, tremendous love for.   She has a big brother who will be five in July.  I just burst with love for him, he is the sweetest, happiest child and adores his sister.  Like all little boys, he doesn’t really want to be hugged by his Granny, but he thought it great that Granny also played Angry Birds and sat on the sofa next to me, very intent on showing how it should be done properly.

I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to.  Both Daughter #1 and I work full-time and there is a 3 1/2 hour long drive between us.  Mobile phones and computers are a marvellous way of keeping up with how the children doing and their progression in life.  For a while, after my grandson was born, I fretted that he would never remember who I was because he didn’t see me often enough.  This is not the case at all and it won’t be with my granddaughter either.   So her first year has just been for me to watch her grow and develop.  This next year and beyond will begin to be the times she remembers her Granny Seaside.

15 thoughts on “A Vintage Tea Party When You Are One

  1. Congrats on your Granddaughters 1st Birthday! You sound like a wonderful Gran. I can’t wait for my daughter to have kids. I’m so looking foreward to being a Granny and reading your post made me long for it all over again. Wish my daughter would be as broody as I am :)

    • It is great fun although I have had a long wait… 5 years for the first one and another 4 years for the second. Daughter No 2 gets married next month so waiting to see how long they take to produce, if at all of course! Both are what they call “older mothers”.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter! Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Two of my sons live on the other side of the country, and I love that I can video chat with them through the computer.

    • Hi there. I am hoping she will take to Skype more than my grandson does, he doesn’t like it, but he won’t talk on the phone either. Girls are different so expect she will be more than happy to communicate in any way possible.

  3. Grandchildren are such a joy! My oldest daughter, mother of my oldest grandchild, age 6, is also 3 1/2 hrs away and we don’t see each other nearly often enough. I have six grandchildren – the five oldest are boys and the youngest, age 2, is a girl. They are all such a joy – there is no describing it. Mobile phones and computers are definitely marvelous in helping us keep up with them! How wonderful to have a proper tea party for a first birthday!

  4. What a lovely birthday party! You describe being a grandmother so well. We’ve just had our nearly two and a half year old grandson to stay and what joy! He lives in London, we live in the west of Ireland, so we don’t see him often enough. But he does remember us and now he’s experienced the joy of country seaside holidays with granny and grandpa I hope he’ll be visiting lots. It’s such fun being a granny!

    • I am trying to get them to use Skpye and that way we can all see each other. My grandson hates it though, it freaks him out to see Granny on a screen :-)

  5. I love everything about this: the bone china, scones, cake, sandwiches with the crusts cut off (most important!) and delightful company! You obviously put a lot of thought into making this a proper tea party and have set a standard which your granddaughter will love in years to come. A truly lovely post to read, Ronnie!

    • I have to be honest and say it was my daughter who organised the party and did all the cooking, I just turned up! It was a lovely day though and good to see that my cooking “skills” have been passed on. Yes I also thought it set a standard. Every girl needs a proper party, even if you are only one.

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